Youth Professional Solidarity Initiative

The triggering event for the planning and materialization of the Act-TLO Initiative was the loss of a beloved person and an entrepreneurial engineer, Thodoris Loverdos (TLO), who distinguished himself for his innovative and strategic way of thinking, his positive and highly optimistic attitude towards life and his love for young people, and of course for his two boys, Nicolas and Yiannos, to whom he passed on his valuable experiences and high standards, a guiding light through their every step. Act-TLO Professional Solidarity Initiative is based on young people, pupils and university students who live in Greece and need support in order to take the right first professional steps and ensure a healthy and successful professional future as much for themselves as for the society they participate in.  


The Act-TLO Professional Solidarity Initiative aims at raising awareness and sensitizing professionally active fellow human beings who feel obliged to be useful to society and their environment, to plan and carry out their own action, utilizing their knowledge and experience so as to offer young people an opportunity to become acquainted with an aspect of the professional reality they will experience in future. The contact of young people, pupils and university students, with elements which will make up their future professional life, will help them make better decisions for their future when the time is right and plan their next steps with a greater chance of success.



Short CV of Theodoros N. Loverdos

Theodoros N. Loverdos was born on April 1, 1966, in Athens and lived until October 14, 2015. He graduated from Leonteios High School (in Patisia) in 1983. 

He graduated from the School of Production Engineering and Management of the Technical University of Crete, based in Chania, in 1990. His dissertation on Management was entitled “Television Advertising”. 

In 1992, he completed his postgraduate studies on Marketing and Communication in Paris (Institut Superieur de Communication et de Marketing / Sup de Pub). His Master’s dissertation on Advertising was entitled “Comprehensive Communication in Greece”. 

He performed his military service in the Hellenic Navy from December 1992 to September 1994 in the Eastern Mediterranean Military Headquarters (COMEDEAST W.H.Q) as a Technical Office Lieutenant of the Stoa Headquarters.

He gained vast professional experience taking on, among others, positions such as Sales Director, Marketing and Commercial Director and Partner VP in various companies with international activity, some of whom are listed below in chronological order: ANELOR S.A. / L’OREAL (1994-1995) / HELLINIKI LEGRAND S.A. (1994-1999) / DELTA SINGULAR (1999-2001) / SINGULAR INTERNATIONAL (2001-2003) / INFORM – P. LYKOS S.A. (2003-2005) and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (2005-2015).

He had developed professional experience in electrical equipment marketing and power management. He was a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Hellenic Association of Production Engineering and Management. He loved photography, theater, travel, fishing, scuba-diving, open sea sailing, windsurfing and running. 

He had two sons, Nicolas and Yiannos Loverdos.